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Rigo Auto Sound is a Car Stereo near New Brunswick, NJ. Whether you drive a new car or a SUV if you are looking to update your Car Stereo stop by. We will do our best to help you chose a great Car Stereo for your mini van or new car.

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Improve your Car Audio system with the addition of a Car Audio. Rigo Auto Sound has many opportunities for enhancing your truck car audio system and overall commuting experience.

Customers are surprised at how much a new amp on the sound quality of you over all audio system. At Rigo Auto Sound we offer a huge selection of models for all the top names in the industry like Alpine, Rockford Fosgate and JVC and more.

At Rigo Auto Sound we’ll give you the respect and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We offer the finest in Car Audio. With almost 25 years of experience, Rigo Auto Sound has developed an excellent understanding of the numerous, high quality, state of the art Car Audio systems on the market today. From GPS systems to iPod integration to car alarm systems and so much more, we offer a broad range of services that will take you from simple product selection to unlimited possibilities available to upgrade your Car Audio, guaranty to enrich your life.

So, what’s stopping you? stop by Let us assist install that MB Quart Speakers Car Audio you always wanted.

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With the huge gamut of car audio systems available in the market, selecting the best car speaker can be intimidating. Even though audio systems are one of the least vital pieces of equipment in an automobile, travelers can't imagine being in the car without music. One size doesn't fit all; a perfect car stereo for one may not be true for the other. Individuals while seeking a car stereo should acknowledge their preference and budget. Through this article, we have made an utmost effort to guide you through choosing the perfect speakers for your car.

Car speakers come in many different styles and are made by thousands of different companies. The come with detachable faces, tape players, CD players, Mp3 players, and so many buttons and whistles that it is amazing that they cannot was the dishes by themselves. Choosing the one that will best suit your needs takes a bit of homework on your part

In the real world you might enter into an audio store and dream of all the great speakers that they carry but all they really offer is their own or preferred brand. They tell you that their product is the best one on the market, when they don't really even know much about the other options out there. Some of the salesmen may know a thing a two about the wide variety of speakers available - in order to get you into a dialogue - but usually what matters to them most would be the commission they receive from selling their store's brand.

There are more speaker and audio companies than there are stereo companies, and thousands of different choices in this genre as well. You can invest in a two thousand dollar set from sharper image, but chances are that it is just a vanity purchase. You can spend much less money on a set of speakers and get the same quality of sound.

One should also do a little homework in researching consumer reports on the brand you want to buy. One could use the vast library called the internet, or a regular library, or even go to your local grocery store and pick a copy up from the magazine rack. These articles are usually easy to read and written to the lowest level so that everyone can understand them clearly.

When checking out your options in stereos, you may choose to install a good subwoofer as well. These are a little harder to install, but create a deep and booming bass sound that will have your windows rattling and maybe the nerves of the driver in the car next to you. It is always fun to see other people's reactions to this.

Having a great stereo system in your car is like having a little daily escape. Your personal ticket to a private concert every time you hop in your car. Hopefully the ride is always long enough for you to get to the end of your favorite song. Or, at least the best part of it anyway.

A speaker's design material will determine its durability and sound quality. Woofers produce low musical notes and to effectively produce those notes, its material should be stiff yet lightweight and be able to bear the atmospheric pressure and changes. Since tweeters produce high musical notes, its material should be refined, but for individual's who prefer a more energetic display, metal, ceramics, or graphite are advised.

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There are many car audio manufacturers that produce high quality audio systems such as Grundig who is well known for their MCD-46 CD charger which are specifically for Fiat, Skoda and Seat. Grundig has maintained its reputation when it comes to design. These audio systems are compact and allow for easy installation either under the car seats or in the glove compartment or in the trunk of the car.

The CD charger is a standard fitting recommended by Fiat and is compatible with factory fitted radios that are installed in Bravo, Skoda, Seat, Tipo, and Marea and Fiat Bravo models. The MCD-46 is resistant to high vibration as well as resistant to road vibrations and impact.

If you are looking for an upgrade or want to build a unique car audio system, then JBL has what you need. In addition to audio systems JBL manufacture subwoofers, amplifiers and loudspeakers and many of the USA restaurants and USA sporting arenas music artists use these accessories.

Kenwood and Sony are probably the most popular brands of car audio and in-car entertainment products in the world due to their diverse range of high quality and innovative styling and affordable pricing. Both these brand names are well known for their Mask system, which has a security fascia that is removable. When it comes to anti theft systems this product has won awards. The Kenwood Audio system which has recently been released has variable color illumination to co-ordinate with most dashboard lighting. Kenwood has a fantastic range of products including cassette, CD, and MP3 Players, as well as CD packs, CD changes, Amplifiers, Subs, car speakers,, and much more.

When it comes to seamless entertainment JVC continues the tradition, offering a wide range of styles and functions for mobile music. JVC Car Audio is the manufacturer of the El Chameleon range and has the products to meet your lifestyle and needs. Their range of audio systems is backed by their claim to make the smallest 12 Disc MP3 and CD Changers which are available globally.

One of the most popular manufacturers of car audio equipment is Blaupunkt which is known for their Blue Spot. The first ever car radio was manufactured by Blaupunkt in 1932 and they also introduced the RDS, CD player and stereo car radio. More recently they also brought out the Dynamic navigation system, the Blaupunkt car radio and the radio phone. Blaupunkt carry a wide range of products such as MP3, CD, MD, and cassette and MD players. The Blaupunkt CDC-A03 CD charger is fully compatible with most factory fitted car audios.

Alpine has now become exceptionally popular as Alpine has a reputation of producing high quality in and output car audio performance. You can expect an excellent acoustic balance and performance. Alpine offers a large selection of multimedia, navigation, CD players, MP3 and MD as well as the Play Loud Bass Engine stereos along with CD changers and packages. Alpine has good reputation when it comes to producing high quality in and output audio performance.

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